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Aircraft Services

Performance Flight offers a wide variety of services providing you with the peace-of-mind that your plane is always being properly cared for. Employing established standards and practices we take care of everything, allowing you a relaxed ownership experience.

We adopt a proactive approach when it comes to our aircraft services, by staying ahead of the gameand always keeping you informed.  Wehandle maintenance and scheduled events well in advance to avoid any and all service disruptions. And by taking advantage of our volume you’ll enjoy the benefits of working with a premiere service provider.

Our professional team will improve your dispatch rate, lower your costs, preserve the value of your plane, and keep everything running smoothly. This is the highest level of service available to aircraft owners.

Maintenance Tracking

At Performance Flight, we realize aircraft are advanced pieces of machinery that require meticulous maintenance to keep them running at optimum levels. A major component of our aircraft management program is our maintenance tracking capability.

If you’re purchasing an aircraft, maintenance tracking begins before the purchase is finalized. Our aircraft management team will research your potential aircraft’s maintenance logbooks to verify airworthiness. It’s important to confirm the aircraft has been maintained to a high standard. Once our research is complete, we’ll recommend maintenance actions to bring the aircraft to a maintenance standard that will provide excellent dispatch ability.

If you already own your aircraft and choose Performance Flight as your management company, we’ll study your maintenance logbooks to confirm airworthiness and maintenance history. We can then make recommendations for future maintenance based on our findings.

Through our electronic maintenance monitoring, we have the ability to anticipate inspections before they become disruptive to your aircraft use. This includes but is not limited to scheduling annual inspections, 100-hour inspections, oil changes, service bulletin compliance, and airworthiness directive compliance.

With our extensive experience in aircraft management and maintenance, we have the capability to foresee most maintenance issues and act to correct them with speed and efficiency. This greatly increases the dispatch ability of your aircraft, decreases overall maintenance costs, and makes it easy for you to utilize your aircraft with confidence.

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Aircraft Detailing

Aircraft are complicated machines that require a certain level of care. While many owners and operators are serious about maintenance, most are not serious about the cleanliness of their aircraft. Keeping your aircraft detailed will give you more life out of your paint and interior, as well as providing for a close visual inspection each time it’s cleaned.

Our aircraft detailing team is trained to maintain your aircraft’s exterior and interior at the highest level. While many aircraft detailing companies utilize a dry wash system, we perform a full wet wash. A dry wash requires harsh chemicals that may damage your aircraft and pollute the environment.

Our standard exterior wash starts with your aircraft getting a close visual inspection. In the event an anomaly is found, the Director of Operations is notified so corrective maintenance can be performed. After this initial inspection, your aircraft receives a thorough soaking, degreasing treatment, and full scrub with specially designed equipment. Other items addressed are the leading edges of the wings and stabilizers, tires, wheel fairings, and deice boots.

After the aircraft is dried, we perform a second visual inspection to note irregularities and determine if the aircraft requires a wax. We recommend a full wax every three months.
The interior detail is essential for your comfort. Our team will clean and sanitize the cockpit, cabin, galley, and lavatory. The floor will be vacuumed and washed, and the leather seats will be cleaned and treated to achieve the most comfortable ride possible.

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Volume Discounts

One of the many positive aspects of joining Performance Flight’s Aircraft Management and/or leaseback programs is our ability to offer volume discounts on certain products. With our large fleet of aircraft, we have been able to negotiate lower rates on items such as fuel, insurance, hangar, tie down, and maintenance.

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Virtual Flight Ops

Performance Flight’s Virtual Flight Operations provides you or your company an alternative to a traditional corporate flight department. Our services are more cost effective and comprehensive than an in-house flight department. Our aircraft management, Executive Pilot, aircraft detailing, and charter brokering provide you an all-inclusive aviation experience that cannot be matched by any one department.

The initial step in joining or Virtual Flight Operations is either working with Performance Flight to find you the perfect aircraft for purchase or adding your already-owned aircraft to our management fleet. Once your aircraft is a part of our fleet, we will assign Executive Pilots to the aircraft, set up maintenance tracking, and commence the maintenance of your aircraft. From Cirrus SR-22’s to TBM-850’s to Citations, we can provide the highest level of aircraft management service.

In the unlikely event your aircraft cannot be used for a flight, we have the ability to quickly broker a charter flight for your trip. We maintain an excellent relationship with charter operators nationwide. With our experience and connections, we’ll find the best aircraft at the best possible price for your chartered trip. We’ll also ensure the aircraft is stocked as requested and take care of any further catering needs.
Whether you’re in your own aircraft or on a charter flight, our team will manage the logistics of your trip from start to finish.

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Performance Flight is pleased to offer leaseback opportunities, which allow you to put your aircraft to work. Whether your aircraft is part of our rental fleet or you’re interested in our charter fleet, we have the solution for your needs.

Our aircraft management team has years of experience working with leaseback aircraft. We can explain the process, the tax advantages, and the possible pitfalls while developing a solution that works for your ownership situation.

Aircraft owners interested in a flight school leaseback opportunity will find that we take our training and rental fleet seriously. Our current fleet consists of Cirrus SR-20, Cirrus SR-22, and Diamond Twinstar aircraft. Our fleet philosophy is to provide the safest, newest, and most technologically advanced aircraft to our flight school clients. With new aircraft designs manufactured each year, we’re open to expanding our offerings.

Services extended to our leaseback aircraft include maintenance tracking, detailing, database management, and volume discounts. Since your aircraft will be a part of a large fleet, we’re able to offer our leaseback customers lower fuel, insurance, and tie down rates.

If your goal is to have your aircraft managed at the highest level of expertise while providing income to offset aircraft ownership, a leaseback opportunity with Performance Flight is right for you.

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Aircraft Brokerage

Performance Flight provides an array of services for clients seeking to purchase or sell an aircraft. Whether you’re seeking piston or turbine aircraft, we have the expertise to make the purchase or sale process as easy as possible—from buyer’s agent services to aircraft sales listings. Our brokerage team has decades of experience in buying, selling, and operating a wide range of aircraft. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction!

For clients seeking to purchase an aircraft, our aircraft brokerage team will help you determine the aircraft that best fits your mission profile. We have access to a number of proprietary computer programs, which we can use to provide a cost estimate for aircraft operation. We’ll present our recommendations directly to you—typically one or two types of aircraft.

The next step in the process is finding your aircraft by employing tools that may not be available to the general public. Once we’ve selected an aircraft that meets your expectations, we’ll do a thorough logbook review and view the aircraft. We hope you join us for the viewing!

As soon as you’ve made the decision to buy a specific aircraft, we’ll schedule a pre-purchase inspection and provide all of the necessary paperwork. From purchase contracts to FAA paperwork, we handle it all!

We can also help clients aspiring to sell an aircraft. Our brokerage team will meet with you to discuss sales expectations and we’ll professionally detail your aircraft to prepare it for sale on the open market.

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