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The concept was simple; open the best flight school possible using the best available aircraft. In addition to the pure pleasure of learning to fly, more and more people—in our increasingly up-to-the-minute society—are looking at personal airplanes as a means of transportation. This led to unanswered demands for high-quality training.

Our commitment to excellence is as strong today as when Performance Flight first opened its doors, and we continue to innovate and lead the way.  Since 2007, our reputation has been solidified as one of the best flight schools in the world. In fact, aircraft manufacturers seeking to improve flight training now regard us as a model.

To continue providing excellence in service the company has grown to offer both charter brokerage and aircraft management. We consider ourselves an Aviation Solutions Provider by proffering a full range of turnkey services to various markets.

History & Philosophy
Learn about our unique approach to aviation and how we¹ve grown from an entrepreneurial start-up.
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About the Team
Who we are and where we came from. Learn more about the people who've created the programs and oversee all operations.
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Other Projects
Find out about some of our other endeavors to support the industry and reinvent aviation services. We work with vendors as well as end-users.
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