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Flight Training

Performance Flight is a boutique flight training center, offering an array of training services including basic pilot training, additional training courses, and experience flights. Every one of our elite pilots has thousands of hours of experience, providing the most comprehensive and advanced flight training available. Our unique curriculum is customized, enabling each student to individually maximize the benefits of his or her experience. The unparalleled quality of instruction is also complemented by a personal level of attention.

Pilot Training
Our syllabus has been specifically designed to enhance your training in today’s technically advanced aircraft—Cirrus SR20s and SR22s.
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Additional Training
In addition to our exceptional pilot training, we offer additional programs such as Transition Training, Companion Training, Currency, and Jet Mentorship.
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Masters Series
Mountain Flying, High Wind Operations, International Flight Operations, Short and Narrow Field Operations, Flying the Hudson River Corridor, and Summer/Winter Flying.
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