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Lewis Liebert

Performance Flight was founded by Lewis Liebert, a serial entrepreneur, who at the time wasn’t even a pilot.

Mr. Liebert began his business background while attending Clark University. He joined with a friend launching a computer software company that was later sold to Microsoft. From there he started several small companies, all of which followed personal interests.

After several years working as an Emergency Medical Technician while in college, Liebert earned his B.S. from Rutgers University and in 1996 joined Mary Ann Liebert, Inc, a company Lewis’ mother founded in 1980, which has pioneered several areas of medical publishing and biotechnology. After a few short years he assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer of the company and took responsibility for much of the company’s direction. During his tenure, the company doubled in size and went from typewriters to an award-winning leader in electronic publishing.

While serving as COO of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Mr. Liebert launched several other companies, both small and large. This included another publishing company, Liebert Enterprises, who founded and published RINK Magazine and launched the North American RINK Conference and Expo, all of which were later sold to USA Hockey after 10 years as the industry leader.

Among many other companies started during this period, Mr. Liebert launched High Technology, LLC in 1998. Starting as a computer networking company the focus was quickly shifted into web-based application development. High Technology pioneered several technologies offering new capabilities yet to be developed.

Lewis decided to give up his active role as COO of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. and accepted a position as General Manager of Television USA where he launched the Forbes Enterprise Awards, sponsored by Verizon. As GM, Lewis was responsible for establishing relationships with large companies including American Express, FedEx, CBS, Staples, and several others, as well as overseeing a televised awards ceremony at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

As his contract was coming to an end and Mr. Liebert had a decision to renew, he opted to go back to his entrepreneurial roots and launch another company, Performance Flight. He still maintains ownership in other enterprises and is frequently engaged in freelance business consulting.

Outside of business, Lewis maintains an active life. Married with two young boys, Lewis grew up in the New York area and now resides in Westchester County. Other favorite activities include automobile racing, motorcycling, and photography.

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Nick Gregory


Nick Gregory has been instructing at Performance Flight since October 2008 and became the Chief Pilot in May 2010. As Chief Pilot, he oversees the training program and is responsible for course development. Nick has been a flight instructor for 17 years and has taught in many types of aircraft.

Flying and weather have been a passion for Nick since he was a little boy. By the age of 7 he had gained a collection of toy and model airplanes and was building airports in the backyard. At the same time, Nick had developed a love and fascination of weather and was awed by nor’easters, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. As he moved into his teen years, he knew that meteorology and aviation would play a significant role in his life.

Nick went on to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Lyndon State College, in Lyndonville, Vermont and at the age 21 was hired to be the morning on-air meteorologist for CNN in Atlanta, GA. Later that same year, Nick would earn his Private Pilot Certificate at the Cobb County Airport in Kennesaw, GA. In 1986, Nick left CNN and joined WNYW TV Fox 5 in New York City and became their Chief Meteorologist, a position that he currently still holds. For many years he was heard giving weather forecasts every weekday morning on WLTW 106.7 Lite FM. He has been named “New York’s Most Accurate Meteorologist” numerous times by The Daily News, The New York Post, and Newsday. Nick has also received numerous awards including the New York City Comptroller’s award for outstanding community service.

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He is a member of the American Meteorological Society and holds the AMS Seal of Approval for excellence in television weathercasting. He has served as a member of the society’s Board of Broadcast Meteorologists and was Chairman of the Board in 1992.

Given his love for flying, Nick wanted to become a better pilot and achieve higher goals. He continued his flight training obtaining his instrument rating in 1990 and not longer after a Commercial Certificate followed by a multi-engine rating. Nick wanted to be able to share his love of flying with others which lead to him become a flight instructor. Another big part of his aviation life has been flying missions as a volunteer pilot for the last 15 years for Angel Flight Northeast and he recently became a member of their Board of Directors.

Over a period of 20 years, Nick has owned and flown several types of single and multi-engine aircraft and has accumulated thousands of flight hours flying across the country, into Canada, Mexico, and Central America. This has helped him develop real world scenarios for implementation into the flight school curriculum.

Nick resides in Westchester, NY with his wife and three daughters.