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Flight Training

Pilot Training

Attaining your Private Pilot, Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Commercial ratings is fun and rewarding! At Performance Flight you’ll receive a level of training you won’t find at any other flight schools.

Our priority is for pilots to develop proper aeronautical decision-making (ADM) and good judgment. In order to accomplish this, we incorporate scenario-based training. You’ll fly to distant airports, through a variety of airspace, and experience simulated emergency situations geared to make you competent and comfortable. Our Frasca SR22 Simulator allows you to train for emergency scenarios. We believe that through this type of training, you will obtain the best ADM skills and become an exceptional pilot. 

Private Pilot Training

Getting your Private Pilot certificate will be a fun and rewarding experience as you move through your training.  This is because the Private Pilot syllabus we follow has been created by us with specific modules to give you a level of training you won’t find at another flight school.  Older more traditional flight schools have yet to update their training programs to reflect technological advances in aircraft and avionics.  Since your training will be in a Cirrus SR20 or SR22, our syllabus has been specifically designed to enhance your training in today’s technically advanced aircraft.  The Performance Flight Private Pilot program sets a new standard for flight training.

Your training will take you through 81 modules in 4 stages beginning with Basic Aircraft Control then onto Pre-Solo Preparation and Solo Flight.  You will then enter the Cross Country Flight stage and finish up with Checkride Preparation. The syllabus has been structured so that you and your instructor will always know where you are in your training phase and what goals will be set moving forward.  The benchmark created for each module will ensure that you are proficient in all the flight skills and knowledge requirements for that module.  Ground instruction is integrated with flight instruction giving you a thorough understanding of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, FAA rules and regulations, weather, and flight planning so you will be well prepared for your FAA written exam and Private Pilot checkride.

A priority at Performance Flight is for a pilot to develop proper aeronautical decision making (ADM) and the use of good judgment.  In order to accomplish this, we incorporate scenario based training.  You will fly to distant airports through a variety of airspace plus experience simulated emergency situations all geared to make you competent and comfortable as a pilot.  Our Frasca SR22 Simulator allows you to train for a variety of emergency situations and scenarios.  We believe that through this type of training, you will obtain the best ADM skill and become an exceptional pilot. 

At Performance Flight we provide the best private training available with unmatched standards of excellence. Our instructors each have thousands of hours of flight experience, which directly contributes to the elite level of training offered. They all have impressive backgrounds as pilots and as individuals with infectious levels of true passion for flying. Safety is paramount at Performance Flight. We fly the safest and most advanced airplanes available and adhere to strict policies.

Statistics clearly demonstrate that flying remains the safest method of transportation and can be an easily enjoyed method of travel. Our airplanes are all new and carefully maintained right here at the FBO where the only area Cirrus Authorized Repair Center is located. As you begin your training you will learn how to safely and properly enjoy your flying experience.

When you first come to Performance Flight here is what you can expect. Arrive at the Million Air building and get ready to begin your pursuit for the ultimate experience. You will sit down with a Performance Flight instructor who will discuss all school policies.

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Instrument Pilot Training

In order to exercise the full benefits of your Private Pilot Certificate, the next step is to become an instrument pilot.  You will no longer have to cancel your plans because of clouds and weather.  Just like our Private Pilot course, our Instrument Pilot course is uniquely tailored to meet the new standard required for flying technically advanced aircraft.  For variety and flexibility, we offer instrument training in the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 models.  Your choice is even greater at Performance Flight as we offer both the Avidyne avionics equipped SR22 as well as the Cirrus Perspective with Garmin 1000 flight displays.  In addition, part of your training can be conducted in our Frasca SR22 Simulator to strengthen your instrument skills and decision making in a variety of “real world” scenarios.

Our Instrument Pilot syllabus has been created by us to give you the most comprehensive and structured training available.  You will work through 73 modules as you move through the 5 stages of instrument training.  Starting with the first stage of Basic Aircraft Control you will move onto Tracking Navigational Courses, DME Arcs, and Holding Patterns.  It’s then onto Instrument Approach and Missed Approach Procedures followed by Instrument Cross Country Flight.  Your final stage will be Checkride Preparation.  Each module has a benchmark for completion so you and your instructor will always know where you are in your training phase and what goals will be set moving forward.

As you move through your training you will develop confidence flying in clouds and the IFR system as you learn aircraft control, aircraft systems, procedures, regulations, and most importantly weather.  All of our instructors have thousands of hours of flight experience.  They incorporate scenario based training built on real world experiences.  It is through this type of training where you will develop good judgment and proper aeronautical decision making (ADM) skills.  You will be exposed to anything and everything that can happen in IFR flying and at the end of your training have a new sense of confidence to fly in normal, abnormal, and emergency situations.

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Commercial Pilot Training

If you have a desire to fly for hire or just wish to become a more advanced and safer pilot, the Performance Flight Commercial Pilot course is the next step in achieving those goals.  Your training for the Commercial Pilot Certificate will take your flying skills to higher levels of precision as you learn to fly lazy eights and chandelles along with better accuracy for power off landings.

Your training will be conducted in one of our Cirrus SR20 aircraft, along with a Piper PA28R Arrow in order to satisfy the FAA’s complex requirements.  On the practical flight test, you can perform most of the maneuvers in the Cirrus and fly the Piper Arrow to fulfill the PTS requirements for the complex portion of the checkride.  It is highly recommended that you should already hold an Instrument Rating prior to attaining your Commercial Pilot Certificate to avoid having many restrictions placed on your operations as a commercial pilot.

As with our other programs, scenario based training is used to reinforce good judgment skills, proper aeronautical decision making, risk management, and single pilot resource management.

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